Do for Kerala – A CETAAB Initiative to Rebuild Kerala


Members of CETAA Bangalore have lend in their hands to help the flood affected victims. The floods were devastating as well as destructive. Lives lost, displaced, many more. Kerala faced the worst floods since 1924. The state received high amount of rain, two hundred percentage more than the normal amount. Many low-lying areas were flooded with in no time. Kerala has been battling the rains since May, but things went out of hand by the end of June. The loss was accounted to be 20000 crores. Ten out of fourteen districts were severely affected. Airports were shut down, railway tracks got washed away, so on.

CETAA Bangalore stepped in to help the state as the picture started getting worse. They with immediate effect send in the relief materials that were required at the camps. The camps hosted lakhs after their homes were either flooded or destroyed. CETAAB packed the materials in such a way that it is easier for the people at camp. The association conducted a fundraising event so as to collect enough fund for the relief materials. 

Executive Committee Trip to Wayanad

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Images from the post-floods trip made to Wayanad by exec. com. members to understand the ground reality and to delve on the support and services required. 


Executive Committee Members in discussion with the local leaders from Wayanad
on the scope of the services that can be made by CETAAB


As a part of this initiative the association installed a water treatment unit at Govt. school Manar, Chengannur, which can produce two thousand litres of drinking water per hour. Mr. Parameshwaran, an ex- cetian, on behalf of CETAAB dedicated this water treatment unit to the Manar school authorities. 

On a long run, the association is adopting a village, a town or a street from the Wayanad district, which is easier to access from Bangalore and help in the process of rebuilding the place. Volunteers will be sent to work on ground zero and towards the activity. Mr. Stanley, Civil 85 batch also the partner of Good Earth Properties, has agreed to help carpenters and labourers in the process of rebuilding. 

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Immediate relief materials sent post the floods to Wayanad

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Water treatment unit installed in Mannar (Chengannur) Govt. school. Provides 2000 litres per hour of  drinking water (left).
Parameshwaran (Ex. Cetian) dedicating the water treatment unit to school authorities (middle). Newspaper coverage on the donation performed by CETAAB. News covered in Deshabhimani newspaper 2nd Sep 2018 (right).