CETAAB Upcoming Events

CETAAB is not an association which winds up after having an annual meetup or family get together. Apart from the nostalgic meetups we also conduct programmes, networking and meeting CETians who excel in their respective fields. The most attractive upcoming events for the CETAAB family are

  • Annual family meet
  • Trekking - There’s nothing more satisfying and refreshing than spending time in the wilderness with nothing but your backpack. The quiet moments of self reflection, invigorating sights and challenging yourself in nature, trekking provides a number of benefits — both physical and mental.
  • Sports tournament - We love sports because of the memories they hold — the days spent at CET and the friendships we formed with our first teammates. To pickup those memories again from our CET life, we are planning a football and badminton tournament.
  • Quiz competition - Another important programme is Quiz competition for the alumni and their children. Let's make this an opportunity to build your knowledge. More the quizzes we take part in, more our knowledge base increases. Our guesswork and ability to crack questions through hints improves.
  • Ted Talks & Motivational lectures - Ted talks & motivational lectures to contemplate thoughts, emotions and sensations.
  • Photography/Painting exhibition- To exhibit the artistic and photography skills of our alumni, we are planning a grand photography and painting exhibition to be held in the city.