Do for Kerala – A CETAAB Initiative to Rebuild Kerala

The floods of August 2018 were the worst  Kerala had faced in nine decades. The state has been battered and bruised by the rains from the month, May. All the low-lying areas were under water by August 8. In the next few hours, Kerala witnessed a massive increase in the rainfall. In no time the state became flooded. Largest arch dam in Asia was opened after 26 years due to the increase in the rainfall. Many lives were lost, lakhs of people were relocated to relief camps.

When the state faced such a challenge of running numerous relief camps, bringing back the life to normal and so on, CETAA Bangalore set out to help the Malayalees with a GO TO KERALA initiative. The association formulated plans to help the state.  A drive or campaign was kicked off to collect Donations and contributions from the alumni members and all other friends who were ready to help. 

With the contributions which we received it was decided by the Executive committee that we will NOT donate to any relief fund or NGOs instead we would reach out through our representatives from CET at ground zero and help with whatever is required to restore normalcy. This we found to be a professional approach as Engineers. Thus the funds that were collected were not given to any relief funds rather the money reached the needy through the people who were working at the ground level. We provided relief materials including food, clothes, clean drinking water.

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Immediate relief materials sent post the floods to Wayanad

The team from CETAAB (Vaidy, Kiran Stanley and Vivek) went to Wayanad first and visited the rough and tough terrains of the flood affected and land slide affected areas. We handed over domestic use relief packets and blankets. 
An erstwhile CETAAB member and an alumni Wg Cdr Paramewsaran along with his family was  deeply involved in the relief activities in areas in and around Chengannur . They identified two  schools as well as a village  which was in need of pure water and the first water plant was given to them. Another water plant was also installed at the school called Pandanad. Ravi, Ambika and Vaidy visited the place and formally handed over the water treatment plant.


Water treatment unit installed in Mannar (Chengannur) Govt. school. Provides 2000 litres per hour of  drinking water (left).
Parameshwaran (Ex. Cetian) dedicating the water treatment unit to school authorities (right).

We also donated the third water treatment plant as well as 60 mattresses to the people affected by floods in and around Trichur area. Sateeshan  and Vaidy had gone personally to these areas and formally in a function which was attended by the local MLA the water treatment plant  were as well as the mattresses was handed over to the needy.

While there is much more we can do we solicit your contributions and we will strive to utilize this for the right cause and ensure it reached to the right and needy people

You may send your contributions to the following bank details which has been provided: